It’s time to restore peace of mind for millions of people with affordable weekly COVID-19 testing.

Everything starts with having a plan to affordably assess threats today, and a process for mitigating them in the future.

We have that plan.

It’s a big vision that is holistically designed to become the standard solution to help businesses get back to work and keep their employees safe.

Our solution was developed around four core beliefs that will help navigate companies and millions of lives:

We believe the fastest route to restore freedom without risky-rushed vaccines is through regular, affordable PCR-based testing and evolving treatment options, which may eliminate most side effects.
We believe the companies that are proactive and put employees first by investing in testing will have the best talent, put employees and visitors at ease, and be in the best position to thrive in the future.
We believe a comprehensive Health Defense Network employs the best available solutions, adapts to regional threat levels, and doesn’t require management teams to become experts on pandemic threats.
We believe in offering the greatest peace of mind at the lowest possible cost and won’t rest until everyone can be covered.

PCR Catches COVID-19 Up To 21 Days Earlier Than Any Other Testing

Our biggest threat is from silent-contagious infections. Molecular testing (PCR) is the only testing which can detect COVID-19 up to 21 days before symptoms appear.

Introducing Our 4-Stage Health Defense Network to help assess risk levels, identify exposure, treatment, and prevent future outbreaks.


Stage 1: Screen

Knowing if those in your organization are infected by Covid-19 (even if they are asymptomatic) is the starting point of assessing the safety and potential threats to your organization. This is why we offer a variety of testing measures that can be routine or non-routine based on your likely threat level.
  • CleanPass Passport Scans
  • Temperature or PCR tests
  • Testing at work or home
  • Work or family testing.

Stage 2: Act

Based on the results of our screening procedures, we can then take action to help manage and contain exposure and help minimize risk.
  • Contract Tracing
  • Care/Isolation
  • Cleaning
  • Retesting

Stage 3: Release

Once infected employees and family members have been identified, we can help you reorganization test those both directly and indirectly affected by exposure.
  • Tele-health
  • Mental health
  • Family care guidance
  • Return to work clearance

Stage 4: Secure

The most challenging aspect of this pandemic is the ongoing threat of new exposures that can occur at any time. We help your organization assess readiness, develop and maintain office preparedness and protocols, and ensure that proper supplies are on hand I
  • PPE and cleaning supplies
  • Facilities audit
  • Building retrofitting

Clean Pass offers an affordable solution that leverages testing, technology, supplies, and services.

We make PCR testing affordable, accessible, and reliable. Thanks to our extensive global lab network and close partnership with RainSure Scientific, we offer unmatched guaranteed access to testing with highly competitive pricing.

RainSure Scientific is a biotech company with laboratories in San Jose, California and Suzhou, China specializing in the development of diagnostic equipment and tests. Given the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, the company felt the duty to use its expertise in diagnostics and pivot its immediate focus to the development of COVID-19 testing kits to assist the frontline in fighting this pandemic.


We use technology and our proprietary network to streamline the process efficiently.

We have developed our Clean Pass cloud service and apps that can be accessed from anywhere. An easy interface allows you to easily organize your protocols, from scheduling of sample collection at your workplace (or nearby) to lab reporting inside our application, to handling of exceptions, and to help your team get back to work as quickly as possible.

Available in over 40 countries

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